Friday, 13 February 2015

Are you ready for Ruffs?

Is your dog the happiest hound around? Have you transformed the life of a rescue dog? Then enter your dog in Ruffs, the RSPCA's alternative dog show!

Born out of frustration with beauty pageant-style dog shows such as Crufts, which judge dogs on the basis of their looks, even when it’s those very looks that can cause them to suffer unnecessarily, Ruffs welcomes all canines – from Golden Oldies to the Perfectly imperfect. This dog show with a difference celebrates dogs for the right reasons – their health, happiness, and welfare.

This year's categories are:

Happiest Hound –
Send us pictures of your dog's happiest, smiliest or most contented face.
Perfectly imperfect – Especially for ‘wonky’ dogs who will never be ‘perfect’ according to  arbitrary ‘breed standards,’ but who are perfect in your eyes
Best transformation Send in before and after pictures of your rescued pooch The RSPCA is after examples of the most heart-warming transformations which demonstrate that ‘rescued’ is the best breed!
Best rescued ex-breeder Let’s not forget about the many dogs discarded when they’re no longer producing puppies. Send in pictures of your ex-breeders finally enjoying a slice of the good life.
Best RSPCA rescue dog – Was your dog adopted from the RSPCA? Send in your pictures and their stories.
Golden Oldies – For older ladies and gentlemen over eight years old. Send in pictures of your dogs enjoying their retirement!

The deadline for entries is 20th February 2015. For more information, and to find out how to enter, visit the RSPCA's Ruffs website, and keep up to date with news by following #Ruffs on Twitter. Good luck to you and your happy, healthy hounds!

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