Friday, 11 June 2010


Veloce Publishing is pleased to announce that, for every copy sold of its latest Hubble & Hattie book, Waggy Tails & Wheelchairs, 50p will be donated to Dogs for the Disabled.

As Peter Gorbing, Chief Executive of Dogs for the Disabled, says in the introduction to the book: “Waggy Tails & Wheelchairs has lots of useful information that any wheelchair or scooter user who is contemplating getting a dog would do well to read. The author is realistic about the work involved in having a dog, but if the right strategies are in place, it will be a tremendously rewarding experience for both the individual and the dog.

“As an organisation involved in training assistance dogs, Dogs for the Disabled has built up many years of practical experience of working with wheelchair users. Whilst Dogs for the Disabled uses some different techniques in its training work, this book nevertheless contains a wealth of tips that will prove invaluable.

“If you are a wheelchair user thinking of getting a companion dog, this is the book for you.”

Buying a copy of this book will contribute to the continuation of this pioneering charity that does so much good work towards changing the lives of adults and children with disabilities.

Thanks also to Sky1 for helping to promote the book, and the cause, with this competition.

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