Wednesday 5 April 2017

MOB rules!

It’s anything but anarchy with this MOB …

When it comes to animal training, there are many different methods that one can employ. Of course, some have more merit than others, but it's generally accepted that force-free positive reinforcement methods are the best, being both the most effective, and the kindest to the animal.

That's where our MOB comes in. Actually, it’s Liam’s MOB. And isn't an actual mob, of course: MOB is an acronym for 'Men On Board' … and getting more 'men on board' with its way of thinking is the aim. Liam's MOB was founded by Liam Landymore when he was just 15 years old, with the help of Sarah Fisher. At the time, statistics showed that 60% of dog bites happened to men, leading to Liam’s MOB's unique mission: to inspire and encourage male dog owners to be proactive in the use of force-free, positive training, and to educate on dog/child safety.

With the help of Dogs Helping Kids, Liam has been training his own Personal Support Dog, Charlie – that's him in the photo at the top of the post – who is not only the first dog of his kind with the charity, but also helps Liam to overcome PTSD. Liam, it turns out, is a pretty good dog trainer (and not only dogs, actually … chickens … cows … tigers …), and he wanted to share his passion for force-free training, and demonstrate the help, support, and companionship that comes from being with a well-trained, happy dog. In Liam’s own words:
“I am really lucky to have a great team behind me, and we are all committed to showing everyone that building a relationship with your dog through loyalty, friendship, trust, kindness and respect can create a fun, lifelong bond with your dog.”
Here's Liam at WOOF! 2017, talking about Liam's MOB and its aims, in this Dog Log vlog

No man is an island, of course, and Liam has assembled a great MOB team, too, including a few names that H&H readers will no-doubt be familiar with … we've already mentioned Sarah Fisher, but there's also Nando Brown, Anthony Head, and Chirag Patel to name a few!

Take the Liam's MOB Pledge!
Why not show your commitment to force-free training by taking the Liam’s MOB pledge to stand united for force-free training? Find out how you can make the commitment and take the pledge here … and, no, it’s not just for men!

Personally (and as a fellow man) I think Liam is doing an absolutely fantastic job with the MOB, so come on, chaps and chapeses … take the Liam’s MOB pledge!

Liam is currently in the process of updating the MOB's website – head on over to to find out more … and you can expect to see some very exciting new projects from Liam very soon  …

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