Thursday 24 October 2013

Hubble & Hattie author appears on Channel 4 documentary

Professor Daniel Mills, co-author of Life skills for puppies appeared on the fascinating Channel 4 documentary Dogs: Their Secret Lives. We managed to get a Q&A with Daniel about the show.

Click here to watch the complete documentary on YouTube.

Professor Daniel Mills became the UK’s first specialist in veterinary behavioural medicine to be recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is now the country’s first professor of the discipline. Based at the University of Lincoln, he combines his behavioural and clinical knowledge to offer a referral clinic for animals with behaviour problems, provides consultancy to a range of organisations in the animal care and science industries, and co-ordinates independent trials of potential new products. In addition, he develops his own initiatives that focus on improving behaviour without compromising welfare. He lectures internationally in his field.

How did your appearance on Dogs: Their Secret Lives come about?

The researchers for the programme came across our work and thought we could add something extra to the programme. We have one of the largest research groups in the world working on clinical animal behaviour.

Do you think the show covers new ground?

Yes, it emphasised the widespread nature of the problem, which may be more prevalent than even our worst fears. I think an important highlight, was the consideration that not all dogs suffering are active, and our work will potentially allow us to identify the passive dogs more readily.

Is there a link to physiological problems due to separation anxiety (diabetes in the Terrier)?

Stress raises blood sugar and this can ultimately increase the risk of diabetes which is a persistently high blood sugar level which may become resistant to insulin.

Are certain breeds better able to cope with being left alone?

Labradors and gun dogs seem to be particularly at risk according to our own research here.

What can dog owners do to relieve the problem for their pets?

Seek professional help through their vet to a qualified behaviourist, such a certificated clinical animal behaviourist recognised by ASAB. There are many dubious qualifications and so owners need to check that the person has good independently verified qualifications.

Are there any other programmes coming along that you're going to be involved with?

Possibly, I have been advising on a new cat and a new dog programme recently.

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Wednesday 16 October 2013

New eBook! 26 true stories from professional canine handlers

Partners – Everyday working dogs being heroes every day by Nan Walton is released as an eBook!

Highlighting the value of canine instincts, Partners details the personal struggles of working teams – man and dog – as they learn to trust and communicate, while developing that all-important human/dog bond to accomplish together what cannot be done alone. Here are heart-warming stories of loyalty, perseverance and courage, written by people who learned to entrust their lives to the senses of a dog, and highlighting true examples of working dog behaviour.

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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Caring for the strays of Spain

Hubble & Hattie releases brand new book Camper vans, ex-pats and Spanish hounds – The strays of Spain: from road trip to rescue by Tania Coates & Sam Morris.

While travelling through Spain in their VW camper van with their rescue dog, Iyela, Tania and Sam come across a stray at the side of the road in a very poor state of health. This is the story of Pedro’s rescue, the situation with regard to animal welfare in Spain (and the British involvement – both positive and negative), and the formation of SOS Animals UK. Compelling case studies are complemented by Tania’s superbly evocative and stirring images.

Spain is the most popular holiday destination for British tourists, and the most popular destination for emigrating Brits. The book highlights the negative and positive British involvement in the Spanish stray dog problem, and also shows how the issue is being addressed by rescue organisations and volunteers. With a firsthand account of finding a sick and uncared for stray on the side of the road, and details of the specific nature of many of the Spanish breeds and hunting pastimes, this unique book reveals a little known face of British and Spanish culture with inside knowledge and insight from all levels. From the Spanish hunting culture to the British tourist culture, a chain of responsibility for the stray dog problem exists that crosses borders and societies. Included are case studies and photos of all aspects of the rescue world, showing just how much can be done with the will and motivation.

Tania Coates is the founder of SOS Animals UK; a not-for profit animal rescue organisation. Tania has been involved in animal rescue since the age of 18 when she worked in the Middle East helping stray dogs, volunteering at an animal shelter, and ultimately bringing two rescue dogs to the UK with her. She founded SOS Animals UK after a trip to southern Spain in 2008, since whenTania has been responsible for the successful rehoming of over 300 dogs from throughout the UK and Europe, and continues the run the organization from her home in Wales. Tania is also a professional freelance photographer with a foundation in fine art photography, who has undertaken exhibitions in London, Brussels, Berlin other locations throughout the UK, as well as various private commissions and commercial projects.

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Monday 7 October 2013

Yellow Dog UK

Have you heard of Yellow Dog UK? If your dog is nervous, unwell, or in need of space when out on the lead, then this new initiative is for you!

The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated. If your dog needs space, tie a yellow ribbon to your dog's lead, or have him or her wear a yellow bandana around their collar.

The yellow ribbon or bandanna can be used for short term periods, eg whilst a dog is in training or on heat, or long term, for example if a dog is elderly and does not like young lively dogs bouncing around too close!

Take a look at this poster for more examples of when a yellow ribbon may be handy for you and your dog ...

To learn more about Yellow Dogs UK, download a poster, and get your free yellow ribbon for your dog's lead, visit the website.