Thursday 11 February 2021

The aftermath of lockdown puppies – sadly, many are now for sale or have been returned to shelters as owners realise the full responsibility of dog ownership

During the first lockdown because of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, many people sought the companionship of a new puppy, thinking it the ideal time to welcome a dog whilst at home for weeks that became months.

However, sadly, in the midst of another long lockdown in early 2021, we are seeing the fallout from the sometimes hasty decision to acquire a puppy without considering the full responsibilities of what owning a dog really means, financially and in the time required.

                                                An example of a Staffie for sale on Gumtree

The media reports many sad cases of dogs and puppies (and cats, too) either being returned to shelters, abandoned, or advertised for sale on social media or selling sites such as Gumtree by irresponsible owners who have tired of the novelty of their adopted companion, who offered the opportunity to get out of the house for walks. 

Prices for puppies increased rapidly last year, and people were prepared to pay huge sums for an ‘instant’ companion. Many shelters also stopped or reduced adoption during lockdown, making puppies more desirable. The other downside of this was an increase in ‘dog-napping’ as unscrupulous thieves sought to make quick money through the theft of desirable dogs.

It’s heartbreaking to see still-young dogs being re-advertised for sale, just months after they have settled into their ‘forever’ home that turned out to be anything but ... 

Adoption from shelters is to be commended, and shows the requirement for full understanding of what welcoming a dog into the household really means: it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Dogs can live for 15 or more years, require ongoing vet appointments, daily walking, training, feeding and toys. 
We hope that all of the rejected dogs and puppies find the kind and understanding homes that they deserve, where they are not a commodity but a loved and loyal member of the family.

                                            Scooby was abandoned in December © Daily Mail