Wednesday 27 October 2010

Hoglet Watch!

With Bonfire night drawing ever closer, we at Hubble & Hattie decided to celebrate one of Britain's most prickly inhabitants, the hedgehog!

Our director, Jude is currently rearing six baby hedgehogs, or hoglets, to ensure they get up to a healthy weight for hibernation, so we are lucky enough to have the inside scoop into just what exactly a baby hedgehog needs to grow and go about it's daily life.

Hoglet watch will be running until the hedgehog's are released into the wild with weekly updates, and from the 1st November to the 5th, we will be running daily features which will relate to our spiny friends, including what to do if you should find an abandoned hoglet, how to make your garden hedgehog friendly, and most importantly with Bonfire night approaching, de-hedgehogging tips for your bonfire.

Hoglet watch goes live this afternoon, so watch this space for some hedgehog love and appreciation!

Wednesday 13 October 2010

What's Your Dog Thinking?

Know Your Dog - The Guide to a Beautiful Relationship
By Immanuel Birmelin

Dogs are thinking, feeling beings: individuals, just as we are, with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and distinct emotional lives. Get to know your companion from a different perspective through simple routines and games that you can do at home, and understand your dog much better as the relationship between you grows even deeper.
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Wednesday 6 October 2010

How Old is Your Dog?

Follow the link to find out how old your hound is in human years!

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Tuesday 5 October 2010

Are Border Terriers as Wise as They Look?

You and Your Border Terrier – The Essential Guide
By David Alderton

Everything you need to know about choosing, buying and enjoying your Border Terrier, including breed background, settling in your new arrival, establishing a daily routine and what to expect as your canine companion grows up. Over 100 illustrations – many especially commissioned – colourfully illustrate and describe these captivating dogs.

£ 9.99 (+ postage) You can buy this book from our online store here...

Hands-on Advice from a Professional Practitioner

Demonstrates and explains to owners how they can apply relevant and safe massage to their own dogs; together with underpinning information about how the dog ‘works’ in relation to what effects massage has on the animal. Describes a relevant procedure of treatments from puppy to veteran; incorporating within the massage techniques a ‘trouble shooting’ guide for problems when working on your dog. The book has clear photos and descriptions of the techniques and explains how, by laying your hands on your dog, you can be so much more in touch with his or her health.
£ 12.99 (+ postage) You can buy this book from our online store here...

Monday 4 October 2010

Proof that Microchipping works!

A cat and her owner are reunited after spending five months apart at opposite ends of the country! Read Phoenix's full story here