Wednesday 30 May 2012

Dog–friendly gardening!

People might tell you that it's impossible to have a nice garden if you have a dog. Well, it's time to think again!

Karen Bush, author of our upcoming book Dog–friendly gardening dispels some of the myths surrounding gardens and dogs in this great article from June's Your Dog magazine! Click below to take a sneak preview! You can find out more about Your Dog over at their website.

Find out more about gardening with dogs in our new book Dog–friendly gardening, which is also out in June!

Even if you’re on a budget, with good planning and a little effort you can create an attractive outdoor environment that will actively enhance your relationship with your dog; a place where you can enjoy playing and relaxing together.
Covering safety, planting, garden projects, and much more, this book is packed with practical advice and innovative ideas to help you and your dog enjoy your space together.

Dog–friendly gardening is priced at £12.99 (plus p+p) and will be available to order over at the Hubble and Hattie website!

Friday 4 May 2012

People are starstruck over Miaow!

Sir Patrick Moore's new book, Miaow! Cats really are people! is flying off the shelves!

Everyone's talking about it, and about Patrick Moore! He's recently been interviewed in Weekend Magazine, The Daily Mail, and Your Cat Magazine, to name a few!
Take a look at some of the great interviews below and get a glimpse into the life of a true British Legend, not to mention that of his beloved cats!

Sir Patrick's interview from April's Your Cat Magazine

The Daily Express, 17/04/2012