Thursday 6 July 2023

Pet food banks - helping those struggling to feed their animals


Most people have been affected by the increasing cost of living in the last couple of years. With interest rate rises, price increases on essentials such as food and heating, and having to make income stretch further than ever, it is a challenging time for many.

Sadly, this includes pet owners, who may struggle to feed and care for their animals as the cost of pet food increases, and are having to make tough decisions.Feeding themselves, their family and their pets can be difficult. Ultimately it can lead to heartbreaking choices, with pets being abandoned or taken to rehoming centres, simply because there isn’t the money for pet food. 

However, some animal charities and pet food retailers have stepped in to help. 

Pet food banks are being established nationally as drop-in centres where people can pick up supplies of donated food, equipment, and other essentials. 
By searching online for ‘pet food banks near me’ local collection points can be found in your area. The RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross and Animal Friends are amongst many charities that have set up drop-in centres for concerned owners, who don’t need to provide proof of any benefits claimed or vouchers; they can simply visit to collect what they need.

Some of these organisations have partnered with large supermarket chains, and there are donation points near the tills where customers can leave pet food to be collected and distributed to local rehoming centres and pet food banks.

A Blue Cross charity pet food bank (c) image thanks to Blue Cross

Local to us here at Hubble & Hattie in Dorset charity Dorset Dogs have 23 drop-off points for food donations across the county, and can even arrange to collect! 
Dorset Dogs also has seven dog food banks – a lifeline for local dogs and owners in difficult times. 

Thanks to all those charities helping to keep pets and owners together by providing much-needed food!