Thursday 28 April 2022

Despite the ongoing conflict, Ukrainian Cat Café remains open

                         Visitors and residents in the Café

Cat Café Lviv, in the heart of the Ukrainian city of Lviv, is home to 20 resident felines and, amazingly, has remained open since February 2022, throughout the escalating conflict and fear of air strikes on the country.

Opened over 6 years ago by owner Serhii Oliinyk, the Café is home to cats of various breeds, all used to interacting with the daily visitors who come to enjoy their company, and the refreshments on offer.

More recently, the Café has provided a place of refuge for people fleeing dangerous areas, and a calm escape from stress and fear. The location of the Café provides three large rooms, two of which are in a secure basement, should shelter be needed.

Serhii has no intention of closing the Café or moving the cats elsewhere. He says, “we realized that we would never leave our country, that this was the only place where we could see ourselves in the future.”

Images of Ukrainians fleeing their homes due to the conflict show many with their beloved pets. This is undoubtedly a nation of animal lovers.

You can see updates from the Café via their regular posts on facebook, at @catcafelviv

Almost 18,000 people follow their posts. People are able to support the Café with donations via Paypal, should they wish to do so.

In dark times, the Cat Café Lviv remains a place of joy and brings some much-needed positivity.

                        Serhii and some of the cats