Friday 28 January 2011

Click to Give

Ever wish you could help out with animals in need, but don't have the time or the spare cash to give regularly to a charity? well, have come up with a solution!

Simply go to their site and click on the button. For every click. their sponsors will give money to pay for food and care for animals in need, easy!

It's free to do, and you can go back every day and click again, so grab your mouse and follow this link to get clicking!

Thursday 13 January 2011

Dinner with Rover gets a lip-smacking review!

It's always nice to hear something good said about one of our books, and when the accolades come from a canine it's even better!

A recent review from Four Shires Magazine said that Dinner with Rover our 'unique recipe book packed with scrumptious meals that you and your dog will love' has got their dog begging, rolling over and sitting with the best of them for a copy!

'Dog feels the £9.99 price tag is well worth the eternal face licking that his owner would receive for providing food for him that is a little different from the norm!'

nom nom nom!

Dog is quite right. The selection of delicious dinners for you and your hound will have tails wagging all day long, and best of all you'll know exactly what's going in to it.

Click here to learn more about Dinner with Rover and get cooking!

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Lend a helping hand for Princess

Happy new year everyone! Want to start 2011 with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy? Then head on over to the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary page and see the remarkable work they are doing to help animals in need, and find out how you can help one puppy who is in particular need of some TLC.

Princess is a six month old puppy with severe demodectic mange, a skin condition caused by mites which has left Princess in very bad condition. Luckily, she found herself at the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, and they've been looking after her and getting her back in shape.
While the sanctuary is more than happy to give Princess the treatment she needs, they are asking for donations to help cover the cost of the treatment that is saving her life.
We've made our donation here at Hubble & Hattie and Veloce! If you've got some pennies to spare, please use them to help Princess out and start the new year with a good deed!

Click here to learn more about Princess and to make a donation.