Monday, 7 March 2016

Lurchers are addictive!

The publication of our new book Worzel Wooface is getting close, and we're so delighted that children's author Cathy Cassidy has provided the lovely foreword, that we thought we'd share it now.

I dreamed about Lurchers long before I was owned by one; for years I would draw pictures of my dream dog, all scruffy, skinny, long-legged beauty, ears ruffled by the breeze. Eventually, I had a Lurcher of my own ... a rescue dog, a dishevelled Deerhound cross, who looks a little like a toilet brush on legs.
     Nobody told me that Lurchers are addictive. I began to haunt online rescue websites, and we eventually acquired a second rescue Lurcher as a result: a cheeky, piebald creature with a soul of pure joy.
     I am pretty sure you can never have too many Lurchers ... but my husband says you can. Two is his limit. I tried to go cold turkey on the Lurcher rescue websites and failed. Before long, I had fallen in love again; this time with an unruly pup with sticky-up hair the colour of a field of wheat, and a wayward glint in his eye. “Look at this dog!” I said to my husband. “No!” he said, before I could even begin to suggest we adopt him. We didn’t get to adopt Worzel, but he was too gorgeous to stay in rescue for long, and soon he had a home.
     I pined for the haphazard dog with the sticky-up wheaten hair. I missed his pictures; the glint in his eye. And then I discovered that Worzel had a blog. I could read about his adventures, share the chaos, the mayhem, the fun. It turned out that Worzel was not just a pretty face; he was a lurcher of great talent and charm, and his blog was not just a hit with me but with readers all around the world. It wasn’t long before Worzel had a Facebook following, too, and then a book deal ... and he took it all in his considerable stride.
     Worzel is the most wonderful dog I never had. He’s trouble on legs, a master of through-a-hedge-backwards chic and forgive-me-please melting dark eyes. He is faster than the speed of light, a canine whirlwind, and his ears are a law unto himself. He has mastered the art of living with cats and teenagers, and has a talent for chaos and fun. It has been hugely entertaining to share in his adventures, and now you can, too ... trust me, a few pages and you’ll be hooked.
     Like I said, Lurchers are addictive, and Worzel is the most endearing and awesome Lurcher ever.
Cathy Cassidy

Coming soon! The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface by Catherine Pickles.

Worzel Wooface is a Hounds First Sighthound Rescue dog who likes walking, spending time with his family, and chasing crows when given the opportunity. His current hobby is chewing wellies on unmade beds.

Worzel is an enormous Lurcher with 'issues.' When a disastrous turn of events means he has to be re-homed, his life changes dramatically. Now, as well as dealing with his own issues, he's got to deal with a distinctly imperfect family. And cats. Shed loads of cats; some of whom aren't that pleased to welcome him into their home ... More info.

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