Friday, 12 May 2017

Stop the 77

Did you know that 77% of dog bites come from the family dog, or a friend's dog? 

Many people think that the majority of dog bites come from unfamiliar dogs, or in unusual circumstance, but the truth is that most dog bites occur with a family pet, or the pet of a friend.

If you're a parent of humans, as well as dogs, how can you ensure that your dogs and children will be safe together? That's where comes in: over to them …

Watch this video to the end.

You'll never see kids and dogs the same way again.

Did you see it coming?

Now that you've seen our video, you know the other side of the story — the side that often goes unseen.

Since 77% of bites come from a dog your kids may know and love — how do you protect them? By teaching them. And by keeping your kids safe, you're keeping dogs safe, too.

We're two dog-trainer moms, with four kids and five dogs between us — and we're here to help! Since we know you hate nagging as much as we do, we've created some hip music videos to do the hard work for you. They’ll teach your kids exactly what they need to know and they're so much fun they won't even know, they’re learning!

Visit our website – here – scroll down. Click. Play. Print. Smile — your kids will be safer now.

So, now you've seen the video, checkout Stop the 77's approach, based on three simple steps:

The website has a print-at-home poster, and videos aimed at children that will help them learn how to respect a dog's space.

Dogs don't speak human, so understanding dog behaviour, including body language and subtle signs of discomfort, are vital. Watch the video … show it to your children … and get more tips on the website. 

Don't keep your new-found knowledge to yourself: speak out and be a hero
Respect dogs … listen to them, help them, and protect them: they don't have a voice, so make your voice heard.
Teach your own children how to respect dogs … just one way YOU can make a real difference.

And speaking of speaking out, if you're a trainer or an educator, why not become a presenter? The website has resources and information to help you spread the word in schools, libraries, shelters … anywhere! 

Finally, of course, what better way to tell your friends, than through Facebook or Twitter? Use #stopthe77.

If you work in a school, and would like a trainer to talk to the kids in your community, email with your details. 

Now you have this new-found knowledge, why not take the How safe is your family now? test …

Once you've perused its website, watched the videos, and (of course) taken the test, don't forget to share your experiences with others in the comments on the 77's website … what you've learned, what you've changed in your household … and help to spread the word.

You could also get yourself a copy of Babies, Kids and Dogs, from our online store. With information and guidance on how to develop a safe and harmonious relationship between children and dogs, the book includes step-by-step exercises to prepare dogs to be around babies and children, help manage first interactions, and teaches children how to behave appropriately around dogs, encouraging positive relationships.

Babies, kids and dogs
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We also have a fantastic forthcoming book from our very own Literary Lurcher, Worzel Wooface. Worzel says hello! is a warm and humorous children’s book by Worzel's mum, Catherine Pickles, beautifully illustrated with watercolour pictures by Chantal Bourgonje. The rhythmic story-telling, and entertaining but accurate illustrations show children the secret language of dogs. Endorsed by dog trainers, parents and teachers, this book is invaluable reading for all children with dogs, or anyone thinking of introducing a new dog into their family. 

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