Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mike&Scrabble's Brighton Book Signing Adventure

Hubble & Hattie’s favourite graphic duo have been book signing. Cue cute pooches … 

Mike Dicks and Scrabble are one busy combo, but that hasn’t stopped them from meeting public and pooches alike whilst book signing at Zorian Artworks gallery, on Brighton beach.

Book signings are great opportunities for authors to meet the public, and a great way to discover first-hand why someone likes a book. Of course, in Mike and Scrabble’s case, it’s not only people who are queueing-up to meet the authors, but also the wise dogs who are training their own humans.

So, with a profusion of pooches expected, provisions were made to ensure that all dogs and their humans would be as comfortable as could be … delicious and refreshing (or so we’re reliably informed) Chicken and Beef flavoured dog beer from Snuffle was on tap, and doggy bags full of goodies, including water bowls and poop bags, courtesy DogBuddy, were handed out. Well-behaved humans were also catered for, of course.

Loki, and owner, Sarah. 
“It’s been glorious today,” says Mike, “meeting dogs from Brighton and meeting people who have followed Scrabble and I on Twitter or Facebook and suddenly figured out we are down here is amazing."

As any fans will know, Mike and Scrabble’s relationship came about during difficult times for Mike, so it’s no surprise that there were plenty of people in attendance who had also been supported through difficult times by their dogs, and found a real connection with Mike&Scrabble.

Mike says, “The stories that people tell are just amazing – it’s been a joy. You sit there on social media or writing in your PJs at your desk, and you do get likes and affirmation from people – but when you meet somebody who's actually touched by your story then it’s a whole different feeling.”

Of course, we all know you want to see the dogs who attended … extra special thanks to Brighton Journal, Alex Finn, and Adam Heppell for letting us use these  …

You can read the full article on the Brighton Journal’s website, here, and its full interview with Mike Dicks, and Scrabble, here.

Expect to see many more exciting projects coming from Mike and Scrabble this year … watch this space!

Click the book covers in the pic above to find out more … and don't forget to keep up-to-date with Mike and Scrabble's latest news and happenings on social media … 


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