Friday, 31 March 2017

#BringYourDogToWorkDay 2017

Britain’s most memorable day at the office is all set for this year!

Bring Your Dog To Work Day 2017 has been announced for Friday 23rd of June … plenty of time to show the boss!

Last year’s #BringYourDogToWorkDay was a massive success, with businesses across the UK welcoming dogs into the workplace … from vet surgeries and pet product manufacturers, to private jet charters, a regional police force, and … uh … us! And we'll be partaking once again this year, with hounds aplenty to keep us company during the day.

Organised by HOWND®, the cruelty-free pet grooming product company, this year will be the fourth BYDTWD, and it's looking to be bigger and better than ever. BYDTWD is intended to encourage businesses and their employees to bring dogs into the workplace. Why? Well …

As well as raising funds for good causes (last year it was All Dogs Matter), HOWND wanted to raise awareness of the benefits of having dogs within safe working environments. Numerous scientific studies have concluded that having pets around can reduce stress levels in the workplace. Workers who spend the day with their pets report increased job satisfaction, better team co-operation, and higher morale. Now, isn’t that something we’d all like?

Margaret May …
H&H's Dog Resources Administrator!
The great thing about BYDTWD is that ANYONE can join in and share their experience on social media … using #BringYourDogToWorkDay, of course. Now, not all workplaces are fit for dogs, and not all Bosses will say yes to a pooch in the workplace, but you can still get involved, even so. If you’re unable to bring your dog to your workplace, then your business – or any dog-loving employee – can become an official sponsor of the event. Donations can be made online, where businesses can upload a company logo (displayed on a dedicated sponsors page), and individuals can upload a ‘Pooch Selfie’ onto the ‘Dog With A Job Hall of Fame.’ Business sponsorship starts at £50, whilst individual donations – which can be made all year round – are a minimum of just £2!

No dog? No problem, Ziggy. 
What if you haven't got a dog? Well perhaps you can bring another pet into work … take Ziggy here, one of last year's participants … most definitely not a dog!

Head over to the Bring Your Dog To Work Day website to find out more …

… and to find out more about becoming a business or personal sponsor, follow this link …

We'll bring you news and photos from Hubble & Hattie's Bring Your Dog To Work Day in July's Animal Magic.

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