Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hoglet Watch!

With Bonfire night drawing ever closer, we at Hubble & Hattie decided to celebrate one of Britain's most prickly inhabitants, the hedgehog!

Our director, Jude is currently rearing six baby hedgehogs, or hoglets, to ensure they get up to a healthy weight for hibernation, so we are lucky enough to have the inside scoop into just what exactly a baby hedgehog needs to grow and go about it's daily life.

Hoglet watch will be running until the hedgehog's are released into the wild with weekly updates, and from the 1st November to the 5th, we will be running daily features which will relate to our spiny friends, including what to do if you should find an abandoned hoglet, how to make your garden hedgehog friendly, and most importantly with Bonfire night approaching, de-hedgehogging tips for your bonfire.

Hoglet watch goes live this afternoon, so watch this space for some hedgehog love and appreciation!

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