Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Animals In Need

We here at H&H think this is a great idea... follow the link to sign the petition for an annual programme like Children In Need, but for animals:

They could call it 'Furry Nose Day'...

Animals In Need donation programme.

Please sign our petition and pass on to as many people as possible, we hope 5,000 people will sign it and then we will write to the BBC and say as license payers we wish to see a similar programme to help animals in need!
For 15 years £35 million pounds has been raised for Chilren, but now is the time to help animals, this last 18 months Rescue Centres all over the UK has suffered a 45% drop in daonation, we need a fun programme to help all animals. Pets, wildlife, conservation projects.
Enough of talking time for action!!

You can view the petition here, and get involved!

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