Thursday, 3 March 2011

Remember me?

A few months ago we told you about Princess, the sad little puppy with mange so bad that she couldn't bear to be touched. Her only hope was a course of expensive antibiotics, and the Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary were asking for donations to help care for Princess in her time of need.

Well, we've got an update for you! All that TLC paid off, and Princess is now a healthy, happy puppy looking for her forever home!

Princess is almost unrecognisable from the sad little hound she was when she first arrived at Bleakholt, and it's great to see her here playing with another of the rescue puppies at the sanctuary, and so full of life.
As well as her medicine, Princess received regular massages to help her skin repair itself, and stimulate hair growth. The extra handling time also meant that Princess' confidence was restored, and helped her on her way to having trust in people again.

Princess' story goes to prove what a difference people can make to the lives of neglected animals. You can read the full story here, at the Bleakholt website, or catch Princess hitting the headlines over at the Daily Mail website!

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