Monday, 19 September 2011

Cats can have just as much fun as dogs

Ever looked at your cat while he's sleeping on your clean washing or scratching at your skirting board and thought 'I wish I had some way of entertaining you'? 
With dogs it's straightforward, you throw a ball, or you hide treats and he'll sniff them out. But did  you know there are hundreds of games you can play with your cat that'll have you both entertained for hours!

Check out our brand new book, Fun and Games for Cats!

Maybe you think that cats simply don't play games and are impossible to train? Think again, as this book will introduce you to the games that your cat will want to play! The games are tailored to different cat personalities, and each one is depicted with fantastic action shots.

Our own cat Leonard McCoy, is having a lovely time as we discover the new games and activities this book has to offer. And the best part is, a lot of the games can be played with things that most of us have around the house, so it's cost effective, and safe!

You can get your copy of Fun and Games for Cats! over at the H&H website now for just £14.99 plus p&p. It's a great book if you've ever wanted to get close and have fun with your feline friend.

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