Monday, 17 October 2011

Hubble & Hattie price slash!

We love our books at Hubble and Hattie, and we know you will too! That's why we've made two of our titles even more appealing by halving the prices on them!


by Immanuel Birmelin

was £9.99 NOW £4.99!

Dogs are thinking, feeling beings: individuals, just as we are, with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and distinct emotional lives. Get to know your companion from a different perspective through simple routines and games that you can do at home, and understand your dog much better as the relationship between you grows even deeper. More Info..

by Sabina Pilguj

was £14.99 NOW £7.99!

Dogs are our loyal, four-legged friends. We have an obligation to ensure that they are happy and fulfilled on both mental and physical levels, as well as sufficiently challenged and stimulated.

The technique ‘Dog Relax’ was developed to ensure that both owner and dog are relaxed, through a combination of breathing and movement exercises for the owner, and stretching, movement and special massage for the dog. This lovely book holds the secret to a different approach to living and working with your dog. More info... 

You can get your paws on both of these great titles at the Hubble & Hattie website now!

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