Thursday, 19 January 2012

Let's be friends!

How many of you lovely folk have a Facebook account? We do too! And we've got a page catered for everyone, with more to come!

Hubble & Hattie

For general Hubble & Hattie book news, updates, photos, links and more, check out the H&H page! You'll find lots of animal news, photos of our own Hubbles and Hatties, plus up-to-date offers on our great range of H&H books!

Motorway Walks & Breaks

For those of us who love to travel, and who want to take their pets
along for the ride, we've just released a great app, based on our fantastic book Walking the Dog: Motorway Walks for Drivers and Dogs. Head over the app's Facebook page for app info and reviews. Plus, we want to hear from you! What's your favourite place to go for a dog walk? Got a photo of your dog enjoying a romp outside? We'd love to see it! Upload your photos to our wall and share them with the world!

Fun and Games for Cats!

Like cats? Like our page for the great H&H book, Fun and Games for Cats! Cats and the internet go together like bread and butter, and we just can't get enough of them!
Check out this page for cat videos, cats in the news, and photos of the daily happenings of the H&H crew's own kitties.
Like the Motorway Walks & Breaks page, we want to hear from you! Got a fantastic picture of your cat having the time of her life? Upload it to our wall and share it will other cat fans. Better still, do you have a copy of Fun and Games For Cats? Why not write us a review, or send us photos of your cats testing out some of the great games in the book!
You can also find news here of upcoming cat - related H&H books, such as Cat Speak, due this March!

We've got even more great Facebook pages lined up, so keep checking back for more info We can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. All of us here at Team Beaglebratz are on FB. Kim (the mom) is at->!/profile.php?id=561166433
    Shiloh'n Shasta also have their own page at->!/profile.php?id=100002739254994