Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pet Mag NZ speak cat!

Cat owners everywhere can relate to this: your cat saunters up to you, looks you right in the eye and lets out a long, loud miaow. Then another one. And another. 
Wouldn't it be lovely to know what they're trying to tell us?

Well, with the aid of our new book, Cat Speak: recognising and understanding behaviour, we can get closer than ever to understanding what our cats want to say.

This unique book offers precise, detailed observations of the behaviour of cats at play, and explains in everyday language how to interpret their meaning. With clear descriptions and colour photographs throughout, this is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand more about their cat.

Cat Speak is due out next month, but you can have a sneak peek, thanks to our friends over at Pet Mag NZ!
They've got an excerpt from Cat Speak featured in their latest edition, so pick up your copy today! For those of you that can't get over to New Zealand, however, you can read the preview by clicking here.

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