Thursday, 12 December 2013

Great new app now available – Motorway Walks and Breaks! #MoWaB

How do you find places for your kids to play, somewhere nice to walk (including with your dog), a parking space and, often, even great pub food – all within 5 miles of a motorway exit? Now revised and updated for all major platforms, and therefore much quicker and snappier than the original version, Motorway Walks and Breaks is a fantastically useful App for anyone who drives on the motorways of the UK but likes a break from driving in healthy natural surroundings.

Simple to use – just select the motorway, then browse the junctions and choose the walk you'd like to do. The App includes a handy map view, making it easier to find your way.

We have trekked over a thousand miles tracking down great walks for drivers, families and dogs to enjoy on their journey. The whole of the UK is covered, from Exeter to Perth and from Swansea to Canterbury.

Use this App to get more fun for your fuel, treat yourself and your dog to a great walk, see more of the countryside, take a healthy break, or enjoy a relaxing pub lunch.

Each walk is of 30 to 45 minutes' duration, often with a selected pub or café along the way. Activities for children are included, from bouncy castles to nature trails and the facilities available at each walk venue are described.

All of the walks are suitable for dogs, and those with assistance dogs will find details of accessible paths and facilities for the disabled. The listed pubs – most of which are traditional inns, serving high quality food at realistic prices  – all welcome well-behaved canines.

If you want more than mileage from your petrol, this is the App for you!


• All walks within 5 miles of motorway exits
• Pub/café on each walk (or at least a picnic table)

• Ideal for when traveling with your four-legged friend! 
• Many walks near kids’ activities
• Buggy and wheelchair easy access walks, ideal for assistance dog owners
• Every walk tried and tested
• Safe and legal parking places
• Driving routes from and back to the motorway described
• Each walk 30-45 minutes – healthy, natural breaks that improve driver concentration
• Redesigned for use on Apple iOS7
• Now available for the first time for Windows Phone, Android, and Kindle Fire.

The full app has 177 walks, each complete with several full-colour high resolution zoomable images, map views, and retails at £1.99 (equivalent price in other currencies).

Also available is a FREE lite version of the full app with 48 sample walks and the same features as the full app.

More information about both editions can be found on their product pages:

Full edition 

Lite edition

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