Friday, 19 September 2014

My Dog, my Friend – Jacki Gordon interview (full-length)

New video! Watch this full-length interview with Jacki Gordon to find out what inspired her to compile
My Dog, my Friend, why she decided to pledge all her author royalties to Samaritans, her favourite photos from the book, and why she chose Hubble & Hattie as her publisher.

My Dog, my Friend – Heart-warming tales of canine companionship from celebrities and other extraordinary people. Compiled by Jacki Gordon.

A kaleidoscope of vivid, moving and highly entertaining accounts of the delights and benefits of dog ownership: an anthology of stories, freely contributed, from TV personalities, broadcasters, politicians, writers, and many others. Brought to life with colour photographs of the writers and their beloved canine companions, this is an ideal bedside or coffee table book that can be read cover-to-cover, or simply ‘dipped into.’ It conveys the key message that dogs can – and do – have a positive impact on the way we feel and live. All author royalties go to the charity Samaritans, to support its invaluable work of alleviating emotional distress and reducing suicidal behaviour.

Contributors include –

• David Blunkett • Esther Rantzen • Lynne Truss • Jenni Murray • Rankin • Alan Titchmarsh • Antony Worral Thompson • Mohamed Al-Fayad • Charlie Dimmock • Simon Callow • David Shrigley • Brix Smith-Start • Jon Landau • William Mcllvanney • Stanley Coren • Quintin Jardine

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