Wednesday, 21 September 2016

VIDEO: Worzel Wooface – The quite very actual Terribibble Twos (Trailer)

The world's actual favourite literary lurcher is back! Check out our new Facebook video trailer.

NEW! Worzel Wooface – The quite very actual Terribibble Twos by Catherine Pickles.

Things look like they just might be settling down for Worzel. After a year in his forever home, he's come to an almost peaceful truce with most of the cats, persuaded his Mum and Dad that ‘sit’ isn't essential, and – most importantly – established his place in the middle of the bed.

No longer a cautious puppy, Worzel has discovered an independent streak, and his somewhat dodgy recall has become non-existent. Worzel has reached the ‘terribibble teenage twos’ – that time in every dog's life when their owners wonder if the work, patience and dedication spent in the early days was pointless … and why everything their dog previously understood has suddenly become, at best, optional, but, more often, ignored! More info.

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