Monday, 17 October 2016

Oldies Club

Helping old dogs find loving homes

As regular visitors to our blog will know, we like to shine a spotlight on the great work that is being done by organisations worldwide to help animals in need. You’ll also know we love older dogs, so, in this post, we turn our attention to the Oldies Club, Warrington. 

As the name suggests, Oldies Club helps to find homes for older dogs, and has been steadfastly helping our older canine friends since 2005. We asked Amy at Oldies Club to tell us a little about how they came to be, and the great work they do … take it away, Amy …

"The Oldies Club is a dog rescue, run solely by volunteers, that specialises in rescuing and rehoming older dogs – aged 7 years plus.We first came into existence in the spring of 2005, and in March 2007 the Oldies Club proudly became Registered Charity number 1118246.

"The Oldies Club rescue grew from an initial idea on an internet dog chat forum by a group of people who felt great empathy with the plight of elderly dogs who find themselves homeless.

Sasha … the lead and collar says it all! Can you help her find a home?
"The initial inspiration behind the idea was a 13-year-old Collie we called Ted. Ted was blind in one eye and was terrified in the noisy, stark pound environment. He had to stay in kennels as a stray for 7 days but when no owner came forward to claim him, steps were taken to get Ted into a domestic situation immediately. Once in a foster home Ted thrived: the skinny, dull-coated, nervous boy became a healthy, active and rejuvenated character and a star of the internet.

"We do not have kennels or a central base as, rather than placing our dogs in kennels, we prefer to care for them in a normal home environment. We therefore use foster homes.

"Our foster homes are spread around the country, and each of them has been carefully checked. Before we place a dog in a foster home, we try, as far as possible, to ensure that we know the likes, dislikes and needs of the dog to ensure the foster home is one he or she will be happy in.

Trixie is another Oldies Club member looking for a home.
"Since its creation, Oldies Club has rehomed nearly 800 older dogs, and given sanctuary to many more who were too poorly to rehome. The latter are known as our sponsor dogs and remain in Oldies Club care for the rest of their days as part of their fosterer's family. They receive all the medical care they need and all the love they could ask for.

"Being a non-profit & 100% voluntary charity we are very grateful to our wonderful supporters who donate their time & resources into helping older dogs in need."

We think Oldies Club is doing an amazing job. As Amy says, it's a non-profit organisation, and as a voluntary charity, it needs all the help it can to give these wonderful older dogs a new home.
Patch – one of Oldies Club's current sponsor dogs.
With a nationwide network of dedicated foster carers throughout Britain, you can help wherever you are in the UK – whether it's rehoming or fostering, or helping with fundraising. To find out the many ways you can help, visit the Oldies Club website …

or get social on Facebook and Twitter …

Head on over to see all the ways that Oldies Club is helping our older canine friends, and learn how you can help!

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