Thursday, 10 November 2016

A History of Britain in 100 Dogs

Although usually completely involved with our own fabulous forthcoming publications, an excellent new title from History Press has caught my attention … 

A History of Britain in 100 Dogs is a colourful and comprehensive (256 pages) celebration of the nation’s favourite four-legged companion, which details how dogs have been by our side as our friends, companions  and helpers throughout history. In everything from art and religion, to war and royalty, dogs have played a part – and one that has often been vital.

It all makes for fascinating reading, though it saddened me greatly to read about some of the less commendable ways that our faithful companions have been used, such as in bear baiting and dog fighting: both dreadful activities that cannot ever be condoned. 

All in all, a great publication that serves to remind just how much we are indebted to our four-legged friends.


You can read more about the book here, see a 'bite' from the book at YouTube or download the Press Release, here.

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