Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Moooovie of the week

Occasionally, a YouTube video comes along that just has to be watched. Over and over. Again.

If you've not come across this recent YouTube video then you're in for a real treat!

Now, I love cows. They're surprisingly intelligent and have quite complex social lives, forming longterm friendships and social hierarchies (they even develop grudges against other cows!). They're also highly curious creatures, and love to investigate things, and people.

Of course, being a cow has its own issues … where to find the best grass … where the best spot in the milking parlour is … and, just as importantly, getting a good back scratch. George Saunders, a photographer who specialises in farm machinery and farm equipment (we like him already!), recently posted a video of cows using a home-made scratching device, and I just can't stop watching. It's so good, I think it's Mooovie of the Week. Sorry.

There's something deeply satisfying about watching these bovines checking-out the scratching device, and having a good ol' back and head scratch.

WARNING! It's very, very hypnotic. Hubble & Hattie cannot be held responsible for any time (hours…) spent watching this video. You have been warned.

And – just in case you're in the frame of mind to recreate your own back scratcher with your own menagerie (hey… I'd make one of these for me), then check out George's video – Building the Cow Scratcher 2000 – and see how the device that brings so much hypnotic back-scratching pleasure was made!

Right … I'm off to the hardware store … I got me a project!

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