Friday, 30 June 2017

Bye bye to Liz and Maggie May

Last month, Hubble & Hattie waved a fond farewell to Lizbeth, and her trusty Office Pooch Maggie May.

Hello. Do you have an appointment?
Liz and Maggie have been with us for some time now, ensuring all our customers get the best books and customer service. Both have been instrumental in keeping us calm, focussed, and on the ball during hectic times, and making sure that the H&H Office runs smoothly.

Over the years, Maggie (and Liz, of course), have become firm friends with many staff and visitors to H&H HQ. And a few have become firm favourites with Maggie.

"Hello? Yes … that's right … a bag of sprats. It's very urgent."
You may recognise Maggie from previous blog and newsletter posts, including  #BringYourDogToWorkDay, where Maggie took on the role of Official BYDTWD Warden, ensuring pooches were present and correct when required.

In recognition of all that the pair have done at H&H, and with Liz being particularly fond of Vegan food, what better way to show our appreciation than with a selection of fantastic foody gifts … olives, dressings and sauces, from local deli Olives et al … and a gargantuan tin of dolmades (which, being one of her fav foods, only lasted a week).

Still waiting for that BBQ invite …
Of course, you can't live off olives and dolmades alone  (though Liz disagrees) so, with the summer now with us, we also gave her a compact portable BBQ, and a few very broad hints about how nice it would be to be invited to sample her BBQ cooking … I'm sure it'll arrive any day now.

And we ensured Maggie May (aka Dinkatron, Pooch Brisket, Piglet-Pudding) was well catered for, too, with plenty of fuss being made, some mini doggy squeaky tennis balls being thrown, and a bumper bag of her all-time favourite morning treat: dried sprats.

"Top yummers," as Liz would say.

We'd like to wish Liz and Maggie all the best in their new endeavour, and we look forward to trying her new BBQ recipes. Any time. Whenever you like.

So, it's just left to say …

"Maggie; take a bow!"

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