Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dale slithers to the rescue!

Have you ever come across a rare snake whilst out for a leisurely stroll? Dale Preece-Kelly did just that the other day, and, in the process, has rescued another abandoned pet from an unimaginable fate. The adventure even made the local news!

The author of Unleashing the Healing Power of Animals was out for a walk across Kinver Edge, when, a couple passers-by made him aware of a snake that had slithered across their path. "It's like they try to find me," Dale said in the article published by the Express & Star. And lucky for this little guy, he did find him! If it wasn't for Dale, our slithery little friend would'nt have been able to survive in the wild. "It appears, sadly, that he was an unwanted pet who was abandoned. Kinver Edge is literally miles from civilisation ... so highly unlikely to be an escapee."

The snake is question is a Western Hognose. Haven't heard of one before? Never fear, as we've whipped up a handy little infographic to tell you more about this little known, but very interesting, species!

Now given the name Edge, Dale has rescued this lovely snake, giving him the happy and healthy life that he deserves! Once Edge has settled into his new home, he will be inducted into Dale's team of critters. "He is awesome, one of my favourite ever snakes!"

Dale runs Critterish Allsorts, an animal assisted therapy and educational organisation specialising in teaching the benefits that animals can bring to our health – and vice versa! If this all sounds familiar, it should, as it is covered in Unleashing the Healing Power of Animals. for those of you who don't know, or are unfamiliar with Dale's 'critters', why not grab yourself a copy and learn all about Dale and his wonderful work!

And that's not all: if you are in the Kidderminster area on the 21st of September, Dale is holding a book launch at The Corn Exchange, which will include a Q&A session, book signing and lots more! For all the details, go check out our Facebook page under the Events tab, and you can buy your tickets here.

From all of us here at Hubble and Hattie, we are happy to hear that Edge has been taken in, and that Dale has found another animal companion to add to his ever expanding, and ever popular, team!

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