Wednesday, 20 February 2019

National Love Your Pet Day

This year, the unofficial occasion of ‘Love Your Pet’ day falls on a Wednesday.

Now, we don’t need to tell you to love your pet, but the day serves us all as a reminder of the personalities in those furry friends, and their needs and wants.

You can show extra appreciation in any small way today, whether it be taking a slower walk, so that your dog can enjoy the different sights and scents they encounter, or learning how to give your pet a veterinarian approved massage. Maybe you're a dab hand in the kitchen, and you want to learn how to make homemade treats for your four-legged companion.

For those of us without pets at home, you can show your gratitude by volunteering at a rescue centre or animal charity near you. This is a fantastic way to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged pets, as well as helping out the team of humans!

If you'd like some thoroughly researched information, from field experts and experienced pet owners, look no further than Hubble & Hattie publishing; promoting compassion, understanding and respect between all animals since 2009. Since then, many more books have been added to the range, all of them with the same underlying objective: to be of real benefit to the species they cover.

Our pets are under our charge for all of their life, and for all the unconditional love they offer us, we think it’s quite fitting to dedicate this day to giving a little more of our time and patience to our animal friends. So whether yours is tall or short, shaggy or smooth, big or small – we love them all!

Here's to happy pets and compassionate owners, Happy Love Your Pet Day!

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