Wednesday 6 November 2019

Short-haired dog TLC

Everyone loves, and deserves, a good pamper session, and our four-legged friends are no exception! Many assume that long-haired breeds need the most care and attention when it comes to grooming, but that's not the case. In today's blog, we look at tips for keeping your short-haired dog clean and fresh!

Not sure if your dog is a short-haired breed? A useful rule of thumb is if they have very straight hair, with coat length of around one inch (2.5cm) or less. Examples of short-haired breeds are:

  • Labradors
  • Greyhounds
  • Great Danes
  • Boston Terriers
  • Staffies

Give them the works! 

Short-haired dogs may not be moulting, so obviously, as they shed slowly throughout the year. For this reason, regular brushing is essential; at least once a week (more if your dog is prone to shedding). When brushing your dog's coat, make sure to cover all areas, and not just the obvious spots like the back and face! Take extra care when brushing areas such as ears, tail, tummy, legs and paws. As an added bonus, all of this brushing will help to stimulate the production of protective oils, which will help to ensure that their skin and coat are in a healthy condition. 


When it comes to bathing your dog, it's best not to do so too frequently. Unlike their long-haired counterparts, short-haired dogs only need to be bathed around once a month, unless they get extremely dirty or muddy. More frequent, and you risk stripping their coat of its nature oils. Use a shampoo designed for dogs, and ensure this does not get into your dog's eyes.

Here's a really nifty tip: combine grooming with a general health check. Run your hands over your dog to check for lumps, bumps, cuts and bites; inspect the condition of your pup's skin, ears and gums; examine their paws, toes and nails. As always, if you have any concerns, be sure to get your dog checked over by your vet. 

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