Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lost and Fond tributes and giveaways

It's always a heartbreaking experience to lose a pet, the gaping hole left by their absence is often impossible to fill.

At the Lost & Fond blog, you can write a tribute and share your memories and photos of the pets you have loved and lost. The blog aims to provide 'a warm and welcoming place where we can all remember the pets who have enriched our lives and find friendship and support from the huge community of animal lovers who understand how we feel', and it certainly does just that.

Hubble in the garden
Our directors, Rod and Jude have written loving tributes of their two westies, Hubble and Hattie; the namesakes of our animal imprint. You can read these tributes and view photos of both Hubble and Hattie over at the blog now.

You can also read a feature about the company here, and discover why naming the imprint Hubble & Hattie is the greatest tribute of all.

It's a well known fact that we grieve for our pets when they pass away, but it's a relatively knew idea that animals also experience grief with the loss of a close companion or loved one.

It's an idea explored in our new book, Animal Grief by award winning author David Alderton:

Science is now providing some remarkable insights into animal behaviour, with crocodiles, for example, emerging as devoted parents, and elephants – like whales – able to communicate with each other across long distances by ultrasound, which is inaudible to our ears. There seems little doubt that animals experience a range of emotions, just as we do; but can they grieve, too ...? 

The lovely people at Lost and Fond are currently giving away TWO copies of Animal Grief, simply follow this link and follow the instructions to be in with a chance of winning your own copy! The lucky winners will be chosen at random after the closing date of 12pm on the 12th November.

You can also purchase a copy of the book over at the Hubble & Hattie website, priced at £9.99 plus postage.


  1. Pets become an integral part of our life, Over a period of time they are like our family members.

  2. I completely agree, which is why it's so nice that websites like Lost & Fond exist.