Thursday, 24 November 2011

Not all cats hate water!

Mog the cat is breaking cat convention after being in an accident that left his front legs paralysed. 
The treatment? Take a dip!

It's not just cats that can benefit from hydrotherapy. Our new book 'Swim to Recovery: Canine Hydrotherapy Healing' explains it's fantastic for dogs too!

Swim to Recovery is available next month!

This unique book explores canine hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and weight management, and how these can improve your dog’s well-being.
A type of aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy can help prevent and treat medical problems and pre-/post-operative conditions in dogs, and can also be used for rehabilitation and maintaining health and fitness in your dog.
Obesity is one of the most common issues that domestic dogs face today, and this book brings awareness to the matter, suggesting preventative measures and simple husbandry tips that the owner can use to safeguard their dog’s welfare.
Supplemented by illustrations and colour photographs of patients undergoing rehabilitation, this book is ideal for all dog owners.

Swim to recovery will be available next month priced at £12.99 (plus p+p). You can find out more, as always, over at the Hubble & Hattie website!

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