Monday, 15 October 2012

A rather nice story ...

On a bike ride-out on Sunday, we stopped for a coffee at Fossil Beach, Studland. There were lots of folk out with their dogs and I spotted this pair of opposites. The Poodle (Peggy Sue: Soopie, for short), was very contained and calm, whilst running around (and under) her was the little terrier, Midge, who was very wary and hyper.

Soopie loved the attention I gave her, but littl'un wasn't as keen to get close. Chatting to the dogs' owner (who both dogs absolutely adore, you could tell), I discovered that Midge was a rescue dog who had been extremely badly treated and who was, only now after eighteen months, beginning to trust anyone but him.

Originally taken in by an elderly lady, Midge was not settling at all. She was taken out for a walk one day with Soopie and his owner, and really clicked with the big Poodle (apparently, they believe they're twins!), and came out of herself for the first time. In fact, the transition was so marked that Midge's owner asked Soopie's dad if he would take her on! As, at that time, he and his wife already had three dogs, this just wasn't possible.

A day or two later, early one morning, Soopie's people heard a noise outside the front door of their house ... there on the doorstep sat little Midge. She had somehow known which way to go to find them, and had walked the three miles to do so! When this happened a second time, Soopie's mum and dad realised that little Midge was telling them, loud and clear, that her forever home was with them - and these two gorgeous girls have been inseparable since.

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