Friday 19 October 2012

In stock! My dog has arthritis ... but lives life to the full!

My dog has arthritis ... but lives life to the full! By Gill Carrick.
When dogs contract arthritis – as over a fifth do – they can’t tell you what hurts or how they’re feeling, nor can they ask for help. They just have to suffer in silence ... until now.
This book gives our canine friends the voice they’ve been longing for. With expert input from vets, dog dieticians and specialists in complementary therapies, it covers a range of topics, and answers all the vital questions raised by this disease, helping owners judge when their canine companion needs help. Featuring case histories and owner insight, it’s an invaluable companion to dog owners and anyone considering getting a dog. Areas covered include: types of canine arthritis; the importance of an early diagnosis; the different kinds of treatment available; hopes for the future.
This practical owner’s guide demonstrates that a diagnosis of arthritis doesn’t have to be the end of your dog’s world. More info.

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