Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Paws for a cause – Peace by Piece

Peace by Piece is Animals Asia’s new landmark campaign to help rescue and rehabilitate over 130 moon bears in Nanning, China. These bears have been kept in horrendous conditions – many trapped in tiny cages from birth – and farmed for their bile.
Animals Asia is taking over custody and care of the bears, leasing the land and facilities. This will be the largest rescue of its kind in the world – a remarkable project to turn the old bear farm into a home for these amazing animals. Not only that, the site will also house a sanctuary and education centre. By uniquely working with the Chinese government, Animals Asia will also ensure that this new sanctuary will provide meaningful jobs to the nine existing farm workers, who are being retrained to become skilled bear carers at this new groundbreaking sanctuary. So, this isn't just a bear rescue, it's a landmark initiative to help change the hearts and minds of other farmers in the region.
The farm will be transformed into an amazing sanctuary, with cosy dens where the resident bears can
sleep at night in hanging-basket beds, and retreat for shade and rest during the day; pools to play and relax in; a special indoor/outdoor cub area with climbing structures to keep them happy and active, and a play area with ever-changing enrichment toys to challenge the cubs and keep their intelligent minds stimulated. Additionally, there will be an onsite veterinary clinic, bear kitchen (where the bear's healthy meals of chopped fresh vegetables, grains, dog food and fruit are prepared), and an accommodation and training centre for our onsite vet and bear care team, including the retrained farm workers.

The project has had a lot of attention from celebrities, including Dame Judi Dench and Olivia Newton
John. Even the cast of Downton Abbey is helping to spread the word! 
This inspiring, groundbreaking project hopes not only to give the 130 bears of the Nanning farm better lives, but through education and rehabilitation, raise awareness of this amazing animal in surrounding communities, with the aim of preventing the needless cruelty that many of China's bears still endure.

To find out how you can help, or to learn more about the project, visit the Peace by Piece website.

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