Friday 1 August 2014

Kitten Diaries II

Veloce author Lindsay Porter is not only a car enthusiast, but also a huge animal lover! A good example of this is this great story Lindsay shared with us a while ago, about a little stray kitten in need of a loving home ...

"It all started when we received a call from our friend Fi, who was looking after her dad's and step-mom’s house while they were on holiday. The call was to say there were some surprise visitors at the house in the form of a mother cat and her kittens.
We went round to see what we could do. The mom and two or three of the kittens shot off at the sight of us, but one was too weak. Naturally, we brought her home. That evening, Shan, my wife, took her to the emergency vet in Ludlow to get checked out (aside from being tiny, she had some discharge from her eyes). We were given antibiotics to add to her food, and some drops for her eyes. The vet reckoned she was about three weeks, but, since she was very much smaller than her siblings, she might have been four.

The vet suspected she had cat flu, and wasn’t certain that she'd get through that first night. We set her
up in a large dog cage in the garage, with heated pads and all mod cons! This was the same crate we used to ‘civilise’ another of our cats, Daisy, who was also feral, but about six months old when she came to us.

Our new addition was a fighter, and the next morning she was beginning to find her paws. She’s a very fussy little thing – touches your face with her paws, washes your nose (perhaps she thinks we might regurgitate something nice for her to eat!), and is very lovable. Well, except when she needs to go to the little kitten's room – did you know that young kittens can't go to the toilet on their own? You have to stroke the appropriate department with a damp, warm cloth to mimic mom's washing ... who knew!
We decided not to name the kitten until we were confident she was going to make it. Cat’s Protection
advised us that she’d need feeding during the night as well as the day for ten days or so, so early to bed for us!

Sadly, the mom and other kittens seemed to have disappeared – she was obviously feeling threatened – but what can you do? Our friend, Fi, continued to put out food and water for the family, and Cat’s Protection was on standby, should we make contact again …"

Next time: A name fit for a kitten ...

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