Friday, 4 September 2015

Puppy Awareness Week – the dos and don'ts of buying a puppy

1st September saw the start of the Kennel Club's Puppy Awareness Week (PAW), which runs until Monday 7th. It aims to make sure that puppies live healthy, happy lives with suitable owners by spreading the 'be puppy aware' message, which involves making sure you know which dog and breed is right for your lifestyle so that you can care for him or her for life, and making sure you can separate responsible breeders from puppy farmers.

The dos and don'ts of buying a puppy
The Kennel Club has released these helpful guidelines to help make the right decisions when choosing a puppy:

  • Buy a puppy from a responsible breeder
  • See the puppy where he or she was born and raised
  • See the puppy interacting with his or her mother
  • Ensure your breeder has given the pup's parents the correct health tests for their breed

  • Let your puppy be delivered to your door, or pick up your puppy from a neutral location
  • Buy a puppy from a pet shop or online services such as Gumtree
  • Buy a puppy on a whim or as a gift
  • Buy a puppy from a suspected puppy farm to 'rescue' him or her. You are just making space for another poorly pup to fill

For more information on how to help stop puppy farming, and for ways to show support for PAW throughout the year, visit the Kennel Club's website.

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