Monday, 4 July 2016

Camping? Take Fido!

Get the most out of your camping trip… take your dog!

There's no need to leave your dog behind when you go camping.

Glastonbury has been and gone, and camping is once again the subject on many people's lips. Holidaying at home is becoming more and more popular, and what better way to experience the great outdoors than camping… with your dog, of course!

Camping with your four-legged friend has to be one of the best experiences you can share with your dog, and you'll not find a keener companion for your camping trip. To most dogs, camping must feel like the longest, bestest walk in the world!

Solo campers get great company (not to mention a handy night watchman), while families will have an (almost) inexhaustible playmate for the kids. And just imagine what your dog will make of all those places to discover, run in, and sniff!

There are many things to consider before sharing your tent with Fido, of course, and some challenges. Making sure that you're both safe and have everything you need for your trip can be tricky, particularly if you've never camped with your dog before. Luckily, those cool chaps over at have some fantastic pointers for anyone wanting to camp with their dog.

Cool Camping highlights the very best campsites and places to stay throughout the UK and Europe, and has a fantastic series of guides to help choose a location for your camping adventure. It's not all camping, of course … you can go glamping, stay in a B&B, go to a festival … checkout Cool Campings excellent guide to camping with dogs here.

It's easier than ever to find the perfect spot for your camping holiday, and, whilst we're focussing on dogs in our blog today, there's plenty of places that take other animals … We Accept Pets is a fantastic place to start. Stay up-to-date with the latest animal-friendly places on its Twitter and Facebook feeds.

To get you started on the road to doggy camping, we've created this handy infographic that shows you the seven doggy camping essentials …

Of course, some of you will be old hands at camping with your dog, and we'd love to hear your stories. Tell us your doggy camping story (preferably with some photos), recommend a good place to camp with your pooch, or pass on some sage doggy camping advice, and you could win two brilliant Hubble & Hattie books worth over £15!

So… grab Fido and head off into the great outdoors … you'll be amazed at how much fun you'll BOTH have!

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