Wednesday, 20 July 2016

News from the Stable

Pretty much everyone loves donkeys – what’s not to love, afer all?! The traditional British beach holiday wouldn’t be complete without ice cream and donkey rides. However, this is, perhaps, the only time a thought is given to these amazing animals: many people don’t realise that the stoic, hard-working donkey and mule are still used as working animals throughout the world. Sadly, this also means that many do not receive the care and respect they deserve, and suffer unduly as a result.


Thankfully, there are some who work tirelessly to improve the lot of these wonderful animals, and here we take a look at The Donkey Sanctuary. One of the UK’s best-known and best-loved animal charities, the Sanctuary was founded in 1969, and has since grown from its Sidmouth base into a truly worldwide concern (it has seven centres in the UK alone).

Operating in 34 countries, through major projects and collaborations, the Sanctuary reaches 1.6 million donkeys, and directly treated over 250,000 donkeys and mules in 2015. Since its inception it has provided life sanctuary for over 18,000 animals.

Many will be familiar with the Sanctuary in Sidmouth, nestled on the south coast, in the East Devon Area of Outstanding National Beauty, but few will be aware of the vast range and scope of its work. In fact, it does so much that we couldn’t possibly fit it all in our blog … best head over to the Sanctuary’s website to get all the info on the amazing work they do direct from the donkey’s mouth, so-to-speak – or why not pay a visit to the Sanctuary? Entry is free (donations welcome) and it's a great day out!

Donkey adoption

Just one of the many ways you can help is through the Sanctuary’s adopt a donkey scheme, and this is precisely what Hubble & Hattie’s publisher, Jude, has done. This fantastic scheme ensures that your adopted donkey is guaranteed a future free from want and stress. Not only do you get a welcome pack, including a framed portrait of your adopted donkey, but you’ll also receive regular updates about your donkey through the Sanctuary’s Stable News publication. You’ll also learn how your support is helping to give donkeys around the world a better future.


(Keeping Up With The Donkeys)

Of course, in this digital age, if you can't make it in person to a donkey sanctuary near you (click here to see your closest), then there’s no better way to keep up with your donkey than facebook and twitter, and you can follow all the antics of your donkey – and more – at …

Twitter: @AdoptADonkey

With so much work to do, the Sanctuary is always in need of support, and there are many ways that you can help. From donations, donkey-themed gifts, and volunteering, to rehoming donkeys or mules … and adoption, of course!

So take a look at The Donkey Sanctuary’s excellent ongoing work around the world … and see how you can help a donkey in need!

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