Wednesday, 20 July 2016

There's no place like home…

A record-breaking rescue

For the past twenty-six years, ADI (Animal Defenders International) has been working to increase public awareness of animal suffering at all levels, from investigation and evidence gathering, to scientific and economic research, to enforcement and protection. The organisation has a formidable track record of helping animals across the globe.

This April, ADI concluded Operation Sprit of Freedom in spectacular fashion. Helping the Peruvian government with the enforcement of a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. Lasting nearly two years, the operation was the biggest circus rescue mission ever undertaken, saving almost 100 animals. You can read all about this amazing rescue over at ADI’s website, and see how these plucky, and lucky, lions are now back in Africa in their new ‘old’ home.  

As you can imagine, transporting dozens of animals from South America, across the ocean to Africa, is a truly mammoth task, but with expert guidance, and expert staff, all the animals were safely moved to their new homes. How? By air, of course!

Of course, the hard work isn’t over yet. Reintroducing animals into a more natural environment can be a lengthy and difficult process. Some had never seen life outside a small enclosure, and many have endured brutal pasts, still carrying the scars of the cruel treatment they were exposed to.

Even though the lions are now free from the circus, ADI still needs plenty of help and support to give these fantastic animals the quality of life and care they well and truly deserve. None will be able to live in the wild, so work continues on the construction of the enclosures and habitats that will be their new homes. 

So head on over to the ADI website, or read all about the lions' amazing story at Lions back to Africa … and please help if you can … these guys would be most grateful…

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