Monday, 16 May 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week starts today, and this year's focus is on relationships.

Having good relationships is essential to maintaining good mental health – in fact, just as vital as eating well, exercising and not smoking. In our busy day-to-day lives, however, our relationships often end up suffering. The Mental Health Foundation is encouraging the public to make a relationship resolution – to prioritise our relationships with friends, family and colleagues, and make time to really listen and be present for those we care about.

We at Hubble & Hattie are firm advocates of the positive effect animals have on our lives, and that our relationships with our animal friends is just as important as those we have with our human ones. When you're out walking, why not turn off your music or get off your phone and really pay attention to what your dog is doing. If you're playing with your cat, get involved and interact with her. When we're present for our animal friends, our relationships flourish and our wellbeing improves.

H&H's new book, When man meets dog, takes a look at the special relationship we have with our pets – in particular man and dog, and explores the meaning of the human-animal bond from the male experience. Click here for a video featuring author Chris Blazina which explores the relationship between men and dogs.

Similarly, many of the stories in My Dog, my Friend focus on the relationship between humans and their dogs, and the positive effect this relationship has on our mental health and wellbeing.

There are many Mental Health Awareness Week events happening around the country. To see what's going on near you and get involved, visit the website. You can also help spread the word by using the #MHAW16 hashtag on Twitter.

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