Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Worzel Week – Day 2

All this week we'll be posting extracts from our fabumazing book, The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface. In this instalment, there's good news for Pandy ...

May 13
There is very actual hexcitement here today because a famberly is hinterested in dopping Pandy. Mum has readed their bits of paper and they sound hideel. They has already got three fuge dogs that Pandy won’t squash, and they seem a bit nutty about their pets, which Mum does fink is generally a good fing – and so do I. Anyone who takes on Pandy is going to need to be a bit nutty. And have strong walls in their house. Mum and the lady of the famberly did chattering on the phone tonight,
and Mum asked her lots and lots of very questions about her famberly and her other dogs, and her actual ‘lifestyle.’ Mum asked all very quite personal questions which made Dad cringe and whisper ‘you can’t ask her THAT!’ but Mum says she doesn’t care. If Pandy is going to live with these peoples then Mum will find out everyfing she can about them, even if the lady finks Mum is nosey. Or rude. Or mad. Or all of these.

Mum has arranged for the lady to come and visit on Saturday. The man in the famberly won’t be coming on the visit with the lady (which is a bit actual worrying for Mum because she do like to meet everyboddedy in the famberly), but she will be bringing her growed-up daughter instead.

The worst fing, Mum says, is that if they do like Pandy, they would actual like to take her that day because they do live a very long way away. This is giving Mum wobbles because she do usually like people to go away and fink about fings for a few days before making a final actual decision. If you ask me, anyone who goes away and finks about Pandy living in their house will quite actual need ferapy.

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