Friday, 13 May 2016

Worzel Week – Day 5

All this week we've been posting extracts from our fabumazing book, The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface. In our final instalment, Worzel tries being a normal dog ...

May 29
I did pinch a carrot wot Mum did drop. I don’t be doing this very hoften, so when I did take the carrot off the floor, I did not actual get told off. In-very-fact, Mum was frilled to bits with this normal-dog-behaviour, and finks there is hope for me yet. Trouble is, I do not know wot to do with it now cos I don’t actual want to eat it, but it feels like a prize. Happarently, this isn’t normal-dog-behaviour, and very definitely not normal-Sighthound-dog-behaviour. Most Sighthounds would not be carrying it
around: it would have been eated in a flash, even if they didn’t like it cos they is food-stealing-munch-monsters.

I don’t fink I’m much good at this bit of Sighthounding. Mum says this actual isn’t a problem from her point of view: she’s met some Sighthound food thieves, she says, and they do defy very belief.

The most himpressive thieves she hever did meet were a pair of quite elderly Italian Greyhounds, or Iggies. Mum hinsists Iggies are pure Sighthound but I do fink, from wot she’s tolded me, that they have monkey buried somewhere in their jeans cos they can climb anywhere.

The Christmas before I did arrive here, Mum was hinvited to a Sighthound party, and got the chance to meet up with one of her foster dogs, Suzy. Suzy, a long, tall Lurcher lady, had an actual rubbish life before she was fostered and dopped, so she did do guardering everyfing – her toys, her bed, her food – every actual fing.

To make sure Suzy wasn’t wanting to guard the food at the party, lots of fings were put up very high so that she wouldn’t be actual worried and do guardering or food-pinching. Suzy did relax and everyboddedy else did very, too, finking that if the food was out of long, tall Suzy’s reach, then noboddedy else would very quite be able to get at it.

But they did forget about the Iggies. You should never, hever forget about Iggies, hespecially wise and ancient Iggies wot do know every actual trick in the very book, and who managed to get up on the top of a fridge-freezer without anyboddedy noticing.

Mum says seeing these two tiny Iggies staring down at her from above her head, covered in cake, was the actual funniest and weirdest fing she has ever seen!

Like lots of peoples who like Sighthounds, Mum secretly does want an Italian Greyhound, but she would only hever dop a dog and they don’t come into rescue very actual often. I find this very hard to hunderstand ...

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